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15 women who are trying to survive share what they cannot live without.

Whether you are a hairdresser, make-up artist or an influential Integra representative (Hello, 2020), getting advice from a make-up artist is always a safe choice. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find that there are many other women who have legitimate authority. We will provide real opinions and recommendations in our credible column of experts. Whether it’s a surfer with the best air conditioning, a cyclist with the best detergent, or a dancer with the best foot cream, these women know it.

Even if you sleep with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to wake up fresh and refreshed in the morning to prepare for each session, vinyasa, or weight training session. Motivation can be difficult when it is dark outside and the bed is too hot.

But instead of relying on willpower, focus on distractions in your workout.

You do not want to waste your money on training, otherwise you will not have time to spend time between the gym and training. I met Then (a) we have it and (b) don’t worry. Smart, easy-to-use makeup products will help you achieve the right path and perhaps the difference between braiding hair. Press the play button. So we asked 15 fitness professionals, including yoga, personal trainers and dancers, to share post-workout makeup products that will make you feel as good as you do every day.

Korari coconut rose tonic

305 Fitness founder Sadie Korbin wiped her face with a clean towel after cardio and a disco, then sprayed it with this refreshing face. He said he used it correctly before applying the moisturizer. Ideal for dealing with redness and blemishes after exercise. ”

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15

The trainer at the New York gym, Amira Lamb, teaches a lot of classes a day, as does her exclusive combat boxing class at Battle Groove, and doesn’t always want to stop making up. But if you need something that doesn’t clog pores, then this mineral foundation is for you. “It’s light enough to make your face plump with makeup, and it doesn’t cause rashes because it doesn’t clog pores.” Bonus: It’s shining, so I’m shining a little.

Sage Schmidt’s natural lavender deodorant

Seattle personal trainer and Integra fitness star Jennifer Forster has always wanted to use a natural deodorant (without aluminum), but she is too worried that the smell will not change yet. It smells like a spa, dry and safe, she said. And by using natural products, you can reduce the influx of toxins into your body.

Conditioner for oil and bones

The founder of Barre3, inspired by athletics, Sadie Lincoln shares this night with friends and family because she likes it (night … but also thanks to the lucky recipient). Lincoln, who uses rose tea, said it allows multitasking, such as moisturizers, blushes and lipsticks. 10. In addition, the durable, compact shape makes it easy to paint in seconds.

Peter Thomas Ross Hydra Gel Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Gold 24K Eye Patch

Robin Arson, a corporate lawyer who has become a superstar and athlete, is a fitness blogger at ShutUpAndRun and a director of Peloton. Rely on this fast-acting patch to pretend not to burn when there is not enough water. I wear it under sunglasses early in the morning before class to reduce swelling, she says.

Gentle Nivea Moisturizer

Cassandra Name, Cass coach, is a health coach, health coach, and marketing director at Kukupa Fitness (Kukupa-African Dance Training). You won’t find this alkaline body lotion in your gym bag because it relies on dry skin to moisturize from head to toe. “I love using it on the face, body, and hands,” he said. “It makes my skin smooth and shiny in the coldest, driest areas.”

Blake Lively made her daughter dress up as Barbie, and the results were amazing.

Sarah Levy is the co-founder of Y7 Studio, a passionate yoga class that plays hip-hop. (Most of you have seen the sleek “starts from the bottom, here it is” scale on Integra.) After sweating, she combed her hair with dust from that dry shampoo. “I like that it’s not aerosol,” she says. “Not only does it help my hair absorb the fat, but it also gives my hair a boost.”

Hanging blusher for cheeks and lips cosmetic

Bianca Viscos is a personal trainer, fitness model, and BFX trainer who loves everything that fits easily and comfortably in a carry case to carry her all day long. “This small size is perfect,” says Viscos, a fan of the entire line of travel cosmetics. “Its creamy texture makes it easy to add color to your cheeks or lips when you go for a non-instant date and need a little.”

Magnesium Nude Co can’t unlock muscular agility

Kami Sewers, a yoga teacher in Los Angeles, is no stranger to post-workout pain. After a busy day in the yoga studio, the masseuse and yogi are looking for this charming little rose. “This spray is packed with magnesium, arnica, and lavender, all of which can relieve muscle soreness after a workout,” she says.

John Frieda Day 2 Revival Smoothing Drying Oil

Janet Jones, founder of Vixen Workout, a hip-hop cardio class, is also a mom, so get out of the house quickly and look around. This explains why he loves John Frieda’s Renaissance Day 2. Dry oil is Jones’ promise. He said: “I salute what is thrown away.”

Sephora Collection Creamy Shine Conditioner with Crop Top

Nike head coach Tracey Copeland, who might kill the dance floor at New York’s Broadway Dance Center, doesn’t go anywhere without this gentle, delicate pink balm that she thinks is one of her most important cosmetics. Whether he’s traveling or close to home, he’s always in his pocket. “You can wear it to the gym or after a workout,” Copeland says. “The system is very important,” Copeland said. “Without her, I’m lost.”

Clean towels with sweaty cosmetics

In addition to training at her fitness studio, Fab Body Factory, Dina Jefferson works as a brand ambassador and Nike trainer. So your beauty game should be as fast and efficient as a training session. That’s why she is a fan of these clean fabrics. “With these wipes you can remove makeup before training and be like a cool, refreshing towel after training,” she says. Jefferson also likes to be infused with coconut oil and green tea to help heal and protect the skin.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

Member-based fitness founder Christa Dipole usually does a workout out of Miami that includes boxing, rope skipping, weight training, and more, so she looks at the good weather with beauty. . “Protecting the skin from the sun is an important factor,” she says. The first step in your daily routine is to use this antioxidant serum, which protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals caused by UV rays.

Concave surface 101: wet cleaning

For Amanda Freeman and Stretch’s, creators of the popular SLT (Strengthen, Extend, Tone, Three Goals Workout) cycles, nothing beats cosmetics for a busy schedule. “I always sneeze when I train in the afternoon, so I need a towel after I sweat,” she says.


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