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Refreshing agent for dry skin, damaged nails and almost everything in between.

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It is time to give ourselves the same power that multilevel faces take care of our body. The best personal care products soothe, soften, smooth and brighten the skin, which we often do not notice. From brittle nails to dry, sensitive knees and elbows, our entire body may require more intensive care.
The following premium personal care products meet all the unique needs of your skin, from nourishing body creams to soothing skin treatments. The basket is filled with the winners of the “Healthy Beauty” contest in 2021, until you know it.
As part of this year’s Healthy Beauty Awards, we turned to dermatologists and 65 internal testers to find a way to moisturize, polish, tan and provide the best personal hygiene.

Our dermatologists have given some recommendations on what to look for in the best personal care products.

For broken hands and rough feet, it is good to look for moisturizing sheaf butter and nourishing oils such as coconut or argon. Skin diseases such as keratosis require mild, certified skin diseases such as lactic and glycolic acids. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, avoid products with added fragrances and dyes, as dermatologists say they can cause this. Look for soothing ingredients such as aloe Vera and colloidal oatmeal to soothe redness.
Learn more about dermatologists’ standards here. Meet the other winners of the Healthy Beauty Award for 2021 here.
Reviews have been edited and edited for clarity and duration.
However, you can receive commissions if you buy through a retail link.

The best eczema cream: Glad sky’s eczema cream

This eczema cream without steroids surprised the reviewers with its high efficiency. Eczema begins with an imbalance of bacteria, and Glad sky’s unique protein complex helps balance the beneficial and harmful bacteria in your skin.
Bonus, according to experts: This product contains colloidal oatmeal, an ingredient that soothes dry skin under tension. It also contains hydrated glycerin and mineral oil.
Perhaps due to the extra stress and aggressive hand washing, this cream really helped to soothe and normalize the skin. The cream is strong enough to speed up the healing process. “

The best body milk for dry skin: deep nourishing cream “Flamingo”

If you do not like the packaging of this wonderful cream, you can find a stable moisturizer. Critics love the softness of luxury and its affordable price.
Bonus points according to experts: this product contains dimethicone and squalling, which the skin needs for its moisturizing and moisturizing properties. It also does not contain sulfates and dyes, which irritate sensitive skin.
This cream contains fragrances that are believed to irritate the skin.

As one tester said:

This cream smells good and does not interfere. The texture is very dense and rich, but still absorbs quickly. It moisturizes the skin and lasts more than 24 hours! I have been doing this for more than 2 weeks and my dryness in my limbs has noticeably improved. ”
As one tester said, I love the way it feels on my skin. It is effective for those with dry skin and long-term hydration. Moisturizes the skin and makes it silky smooth all day long. It is highly recommended.

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Best Hand Treatment: Miss Spa Deep Therapy
The next time you need a little extra care on your hands, wear moisturizing gloves filled with serum. Our testers were amazed at how soft their hands were after the treatment. Plus, when you’re wearing this outfit, you have a reason to stop scrolling through social media.
Bonus points according to the experts: This product contains hydrating glycerin and dimethicone, which Dermis says are good for dry skin.

One tester said:

It’s really a pleasure to wear the hand care after a very cold, dry winter. The remaining serum will take time to recover, but once that happens, your hands will feel soft, smooth and hydrated. This product is also pleasant because it does not have a strong smell.

Best Hand Cream: Hemps Original Hand Cream

We love wallet-sized hand creams, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Pour the light cream soaked in hemp oil into a container large enough for year-round use. Our reviewers love the long, moisturized, bright, and fun wrap. Experts say: This hand cream contains cocoa cream, coconut oil, and aloe Vera, which dermatologists praise for its hydrating properties.
As you know, this product contains dyes and perfumes that can irritate a person, as the dermis says.

One tester said:

Last but not least, an attention-grabbing hand cream – in the truest sense of the word! Since most hand creams are relatively small, they come in large lavender-yellow tubes. It is moisturizing but not too heavy or slippery and has a pleasant floral watermelon scent. This hand cream works so well, it looks like you’ve sanitized all of your hands for extra moisture!

Best Foot Cream: Astra heals your feet.

Our feet are in excruciating pain, and to be honest, they deserve the same care and attention that you give the rest of our bodies. Our testers love the dreamy mint scent and the luxurious, rich formula of Astra Foot Cream.
Experts say: Bonus points: This product contains sheaf butter, which dermatologists love, to hydrate dry, rough skin. It also contains tea tree oil, a natural preservative that fights bacteria and fungi.
As one tester said, I often neglect my feet when it comes to exfoliation and moisturizing. But wow, this product changed the world. Very mint cream, has a refreshing smell and luxurious texture. I use it as a matte pair of socks after showering and aftercare and despite all the oils, this cream really absorbs within minutes. After a few hours, the feet are very hydrated and soft and the heels become softer after several uses.
Pressing on the nails: tips for cooling. Cooling
The pandemic has caused a re-emergence of nail presses, thank God. Why Don’t Love Me These tips from Chill house are practical, inexpensive, and great fun. Each package contains 24 staplers, cuticle sticks, double-sided files, nail pads and nail glue.


One reviewer said the cooling tips are too long, but if the length isn’t what you want, you can easily cut them with a trimmer.
As one tester said, I was amazed at how brave, professional, and easy it was to apply these tips to my nails. It also comes in a large model at a very affordable price. Chill tips are a great option for a weekend getaway or an event where you want some fun for your nails but don’t want to pay for acrylics. For me it was just an illusion


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