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Soft, full lips are beautiful, but maintaining their hydration and health is paramount. But if you’re like most people, you don’t mind having skin in your mouth and lips that are soft, pink, and not plump. Read 14 home remedies for healthy, moist lips.

Lip care tips

Admit it: I’m sick in winter. My hands and face were dry despite the intense hydration. I don’t remember the last time I did my nails. The idea to go out in the cold after work came back to me when I hurried home for a run and my Netflix account …
But when it comes to lips, they do not rest. I can’t stand dry, chapped lips.

That’s why I share my main tips for beautiful, healthy and kissed lips.

Exfoliate Dry and exfoliate your lips by gently wiping them with a soft damp cloth or toothbrush. My lips become thinner once a week, usually on weekends when I don’t plan on going out right away.
Moisturizing Unlike the rest of the skin, your lips do not have sebaceous glands, so they often dry out and crack. Drink plenty of water, make sure your lips don’t dry out or lick your lips (it took years to break the habit)
Protects and moisturizes. The lips are highly exposed to the sun, especially the lower lip.

This means that they are common in skin cancer. Therefore,

it is very important to include sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher in your daily lip care products. And yes, he still needs to protect his lips and the rest of his skin. In the evening, switch to a moisturizer to prevent night dryness.
Apply often. Reapply lip balm every two hours, especially after eating or drinking. It was helpful for me to keep the SPF lip balm in several areas. I usually have this on my desk, bag, counter and in the bathroom, so I remember using it right after brushing my teeth.

Advantages of this system:

now you can try different brands and products. Remember to apply sunscreen to your lips at least every two hours.
When talking about products, make sure you are using the right product. Find lip products approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This seal is awarded only to sunscreens that meet the standards of the Photobiology Council (a leading group of experts on the interaction of the sun with the skin). This way, you can be sure that your lips are also smooth when the product has a sealant and UV protection.

1. Exfoliate the lips

Apply a quality lip balm in the evening before bed. When you wake up, use a damp cloth or toothbrush to gently clean dry or dead skin.

2. Try a homemade lip scrub

With this recipe, you can exfoliate the delicate skin of the lips with raw sugar and use almond oil and honey to keep them moisturized.
Buy almond oil and honey.

Stay hydrated
One of the most common causes of dry skin is drinking enough water. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day benefits your body and makes your lips plump.

4. Check the first aid kit

Not all lip cosmetics are created equal. Lip Balm with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil provides a natural barrier that protects lips from heat and dust. However, other ingredients, such as camphor, can dry out your lips.
Buy a lip balm with Shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.

5. Take Vitamin E

If you have a vitamin E capsule, cut out a capsule and place it directly on your lips. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and creates new skin cells to smooth lips.
Buy Vitamin E capsules.

6. Aloe Vera Moisturizer

You can use this remedy by purchasing pure aloe vera gel or by splitting aloe vera leaves at home. Aloe vera has soothing and healing properties that make your lips pop.
Buy aloe vera products.
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7. Use a raspberry lip scrub

Strawberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which makes them a great food source for lip skin.
Crushing strawberries and adding them to the honey and olive oil mixture is the main recipe for this home remedy. Feel free to try different types of blueberries that contain antioxidants.

8. Wake up to acid lips

A few drops of lemon juice can make your lips look brighter and exfoliate. Rub lemon juice on your skin and watch your skin glow right before your eyes. Before using this product, make sure your lips are not chapped or too dry. This could burn or make the situation worse.

9. Protect your lips from the sun

It is known that facial skin is exposed to sunlight. However, according to a 2005 study Trusted Source , only 37% of 299 people who put sunscreen on their body were using lip balm.
Using an SPF of 15 or higher daily, even on a cloudy or cold day, can help slow the signs of aging. Exposure to sunlight or even ultraviolet rays at sunset can damage your lips.
Use a lip balm that contains an SPF component. For best results, apply sunscreen frequently to your lips.
Buy an SPF lip balm.

10. Use natural herbs

If you want lip color and a little more red than your skin tone, natural plant pigments are a good place to start. It also does not irritate or dry the lips like thick lipstick. Applying raspberry or pomegranate juice directly to your lips can temporarily make your lips pink.

11. Reducing the effects of toxins

Polluted air, smoke, and chemicals can prematurely age the skin and make your lips look dark or wrinkled. Habits like smoking can increase this effect and make your lips look dull.
Avoiding tobacco and secondhand smoke can improve the shape of your lips. Wearing a lip towel can protect you from nudity.


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