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All my impressions of beauty in one beautiful list.

Beauty has changed a lot since I joined the industry in 2007. If you remember 2007, it was the year the iPhone debuted, when selfish were easy. Scroll through the screen of your first smartphone and wipe Britney Spears’ hair. . Playing with products, testing tools and interviewing tons of makeup artists, hairdressers, hairdressers, nail artists, dermatologists and beauty experts, I have seen many beauty trends. But I also amassed a gold mine with the advice and tips of experts who have been shown to change the way hair and skin care is done forever. I could seriously go on like this forever, but these are undoubtedly the 19 best beauty wisdoms I’ve learned in the business world.

1. Store eye cream and nail polish in the refrigerator.

The reason why some eye creams are sold in tubes with metal tips is that the metal helps cool the skin and, in theory, narrows the blood vessels to drain the painful area. However, the same effect can be achieved simply by storing the old eye cream in the refrigerator. For the summer, I use an eye balm I Can’t Live With Coconuts Ultra Hydrating Overnight Eye Balm ($ 16;, but any formula works. The refrigerator is also a great place to store nail polish, as it does not thicken over time.

2. Always apply one layer of care, from the thinnest to the thickest.

When you think of your skin as a sponge, you want to capture all the beauty that you apply to your face and body. Therefore, it is important to place the diaper correctly. Start with a thinner, moisturizing product in your skin treatment, and then finish with a stronger cream or oil. The oil helps to seal already used products. So if you start with oil and then sprinkle a light hyaluronic acid serum on it, you won’t see the amazing benefits of HA.

3. You can iron all your hair in less than 2 minutes.

This is one trick that saved me the most time over the years. I cut my hair into 1-inch sections and then curled them with a curling iron, which took about 30 minutes, but this hack, which I learned about on Pinterest, reduced my styling time to 2 minutes. After drying or drying your hair, place it on the high ponytail of your hair and divide it into 4 equal parts. Turn the sticks on top of each other, apply a texture spray and shake when the hair has cooled, as after a morning trip. I love handy curlers such as the Eva NYC 25mm Tourmaline Curling Wand (US $ 60,

4. Do not underestimate the power of bold lipstick.

I can’t tell you how many makeup artists have said that Desert Island lipstick is their beauty choice. I loved mascara before I started my career. I do not know. It turns into a lipstick, especially a bolder one (I like warm purple or coral summers and classic reds for winter). I use all my lipsticks regularly. (If you’re a little shy about the one-dimensional look, try a lipstick close to lip color for a neutral effect.) My favorite is Tom Ford Lips and the Boys in Thomas ($ 36; Sephora.) Com)

5.Do not touch the face unless absolutely necessary. Your hands are empty.

Sanitary facilities nearby are no longer important. As a strange fear of others who touch my face, I will probably take this advice seriously. But my hands are really dirty. Every time you stroke your chin, touch your cheeks or whatever, you are actually leaving germs outside and creating a potential minefield.

  1. The spray mode is really alive.

Make-up primer is a natural product that prepares your skin for long-term make-up, while maintaining your skin care regimen. But the spray setting is better. After makeup, several sprays of your choice keep everything in place. Products with added benefits, such as Urban Decay Chill Makeup Spray ($ 31,, which refreshes and moisturizes the skin, or CoverFX Brightening Spray ($ 31,, which makes a valuable gift for dull skin. Try to use. .

  1. Do not treat your hair two or three times like me.

In almost 33 years, I have made a trillion mistakes with my hair. I love to swim, so I was born with bright blond hair that turns green every year. When I was a teenager, I became darker and curly. The latter was very painful in the 90’s, when all the hair was straight and had a Jewish curl, which had to do even the strictest stylists. It was hard to tame. So I started having intense moments from my early childhood (I’ll tell you from the age of 15). When I was 17, the proofreading process in Japan had already begun. And I also.

You know what happened, my head is broken. I had pieces of different lengths and textures. But I never learned my lessons, and probably never did. Because today I demonstrated my natural dark blond hair for pleasant pigmentation and keratin treatment. But because it is impossible to restore. Take good care of your hair. Be kind to him.

  1. Apply a gel coat on the nail polish.

Ironically, I thought of myself as a manicurist who wears a gel top coat everywhere. Even if you use regular nail polish, use one of the top layers designed for gel-like results without ultraviolet rays, such as Essie Gel-Setter Top Coat ($ 10, Provides a rough, clean shine to ordinary fans, and with daily updates, your nail polish will last twice as long.

  1. The best protection against oily skin is to use face oil.

Oily skin is not something that can be fixed, it is something you have to deal with. Instead of completely removing oily skin or using ultra-light lotions, the best way to keep oily skin moist is to use face oil. The key is to find the best oil for your skin type or skin problem. For example, grape seed oil is light and rich in antioxidants, making it ideal for moisturizing before sunbathing. Other oils, such as tea tree oil, can fight sebum, bacteria and inflammation. Some oils have anti-acne properties, such as Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra Brightening Facial Oil ($ 80,, which has always been perfect for my first aid kit.


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