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Whether you are new to makeup or have long been interested in makeup and hair styling, there is always something new to learn. With this in mind, we have collected some approvals and recommendations approved by the makeup artist. These beauty tips will help you maintain your pharmacy makeup as a professional, make the most of your favorite skin care products and stay a hairdresser every day. Bonus: These tips are so simple that you don’t have to change your daily routine to use this simple makeup, hair and nail tips.

Beauty tips

to apply homemade nail polish (and not on the surrounding skin), apply Vaseline on the side where the nail ends and the cuticle begins. Wait for the varnish to dry, then wash your hands. Polka moistened with Vaseline is immediately washed off.

Apply dry shampoo at bedtime.

Dry shampoo is a last-minute savior when you need to sit, but do not have time to wash your hair. But you can actually get more bottles of dry shampoo if you apply it at bedtime.

Do not touch or rub the odor on the wrist.
Your scent will last this simple way: don’t rub your wrists to apply the scent. Instead, click them together.
Focus on concealed for a natural look.
Contrary to popular belief, dark circles cannot be erased when the area under the eyes is filled with concealed. In fact, wearing a lot of veils is unnatural and can make you look old. Instead, use a thin layer of clear concealed that matches your skin tone without completely covering the skin.

makeup tips

Cat’s eyes will always be beautiful, but the trend of makeup “eyeliner for dogs” in Korea attracts attention. Instead of moving the eyeliner from the tip up, pull it to the cheekbones to create round, wide eyes.
Use this card for makeup.
Knowing the names of each part of the eye is half the effort when it comes to beauty. Add this guide to your Interest beauty board to help you learn makeup.
Apply lipstick powder through the fabric.
Tired of lipsticks that smear, smear or fade all day? Apply as a translucent powder, but do not apply directly to the lips. Instead, lubricate the cloth until you get the right amount of powder in the bowl. And follow this simple lipstick guide to keep the color as long as possible.
For maximum results,

use many masks.

Not every skin care is suitable for everyone, so personalizing your regimen will give you the best results for your skin. New York stylist Cecilia Wong said: ‚ÄúRepeated masking occurs when several face masks are applied or applied to the skin at the same time to solve many skin problems. For example, if you have a greasy T-zone but dry cheeks, you can use a moisturizing mask on the sides of the face and a charcoal mask on the forehead, nose and chin. It’s like a spa!
Straighten your lashes to make them more noticeable.
A quick way to add depth to your eyes without using eyeliner: Seal with mascara. Gently press on the mask under the lashes so that it becomes thick and dark, like eyeliner, but natural.

Knowing the type of blush you need will give you the perfect result for your face.

The mixing powder is suitable for people with enlarged pores and the cream has a long-wearing moisturizing layer. The gel is great for a comfortable, healthy-looking shine, but it’s ideal for people who sweat a lot, even though they usually aren’t as strong. Here is a guide to the four main types!
Choose a blush that improves your skin tone.
Redness can lighten your skin, but incorrect use of colors can affect your skin tone. Check out our guide to help you choose the shade that best suits your skin tone.
Choose an eye concealer based on your needs.
Do you have black circles? swell? A fine line? Everyone has different eye problems, so be mindful of your skin issues and choose the best concealer.

Use a face polish for a natural look.

Are you tired of typical features? Add shine to your face. Instead of sculpting your face, simply apply a little reflective paint to your cheekbones, brow bones, and the center of your lips.
Get smooth eyebrows without much effort.
If you crowd your brows with thick pens, powders, and gels, you can try lipstick instead. Applying, filling, loosening and shaping takes just 10 seconds. Everything seems normal.
Apply blush according to the shape of your face.
It will look very annoying if you use the bone structure as a guide when creating the wrist. For example, an oval face should be placed on the cheekbones, with the temples slightly bent. Get the most out of your blush color by following our guide to help you decide the right blush style for your face shape.

Make the carp the perfect multitasking machine.

Match your makeup with a sheer watermelon blush (or the perfect shade of any color) for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. This is how it looks like a clown:
Use eyelash powder.
Do you like eyelash extensions? Sprinkle a little translucent powder between layers of mascara to add thickness and length. Master this cute skill without looking like dust with our quick and easy guide.
Define your face in three easy steps.
Do you have a round face and want to shape your cheekbones and jawline? Try ball contour techniques as easily as 1-2-3! Follow our brief tutorial here.

Keep your broken nails in a bag.

It has happened to all of us. You’ll finally get a hook when your nails are healthy, strong, and the same length. But don’t touch the scissors now. A tea bag and some nail glue are the perfect solution. Wait a few minutes and you are ready to work again.

Use a diffuser to curl hair more clearly.

If you are a curly girl, then using a hair dryer for the money is a big mistake. If you’re bored with heat damage, it’s time to try a diffuser, “a hair dryer attachment that reduces the pull that occurs when your hair is naturally air-dry.” Statement from hairstylist Brett White.


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