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If you are like most people, you may be wondering when you can expect results once you start your weight loss journey.

At the same time,

you may want to know if the weight you are losing is due to fat and Not muscle or water.
In this article, we will look at the weight loss steps, the difference between weight loss and fat loss, and tips on how to avoid weight gain.

Slimming steps

Weight loss generally occurs in two phases: an initial and rapid weight loss phase followed by a slower and longer weight loss (1,Trusted Sources).
Step 1 – Quick Weight Loss The first step in losing weight is when you tend to lose weight and start noticing changes in your appearance and clothes. This usually occurs within the first 4 to 6 weeks (1 trusted source).
At this point, most weight loss comes from carbohydrates, protein, water storage, and body fat.
Weight loss occurs faster in people on a low-carb or ketogenic diet than a low-fat diet, while accelerating the body’s carbohydrate stores and water (two reliable sources).
However, in the long run, studies are still mixed on whether a low-carb or keto-eugenic diet provides overall weight loss benefits over a low-fat diet (3,Trusted Sources, 4,Sources of Origin, 5 Origin.
Factors other than diet, such as age, sex, starting weight, and level of physical activity, can affect the rate of weight loss.
For example, men are more likely to lose weight faster than women, and some weight loss may be muscle, but older men may lose weight faster than younger men (6Sources of Trust,

7 Sources of Trust

At the same time, the higher your starting weight and the more frequent you exercise, the more likely you are to lose weight faster.

Step 2 

Stage 2 weight loss occurs at a slower rate, but mainly occurs in body fat and usually occurs after 6 weeks or more (1MS Sources of Trust).

Sometimes, you may face a weight loss plateau where you lose little or no weight.

Sustained weight loss may occur due to metabolic adaptations that reduce the number of calories burned during exercise and metabolism (8)

However, weight loss consistency often occurs because many diets are too strict and difficult to follow, leading people to stay away from food

(9 Sources of Courage).

Therefore, it is important to follow a diet that fits your lifestyle and preferences so that it can be sustainable over the long term.
Either way, achieving your goals will require you to make changes to your diet and lifestyle over time.

Weight loss occurs in two stages: a rapid weight loss phase followed by a slow weight loss phase. The rapid weight loss phase is the phase where you detect the most important physical changes.

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are often used interchangeably, but have different meanings.
Weight loss refers to total due to storage of carbohydrates, protein,

Water and fat.

Or fat loss means weight loss due to fat.
Weight loss is a healthier goal than weight loss because it can involve water and muscle loss (10 trusted sources). Muscle support is important for maintaining blood sugar levels, controlling inflammation,

and maintaining movement as you age (11, 12 Trusted Source).
While standard scales do not differentiate between weight loss and fat loss, you can increase your chances of losing weight as fat by consuming more protein, engaging in more physical activity, and increasing your calorie deficit by reducing total calories. (13 reliable sources, 14 reliable sources).
Fat loss is weight loss, but not all weight loss is fat loss. Fat loss is a healthy goal because it favors losing fat over losing muscle or water.

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Weight maintenance strategies

The evidence for dieting for sustainable weight loss is not convincing.
A previous review of 29 studies found that people who lost weight from the diet achieved more than half of the weight loss in 2 years and more than 80% lost weight in 5 years

(15 Trusted Source).


these stats shouldn’t stop you from focusing on diet and weight loss for the sake of your health or wellness.

In addition, diets are only effective if you can develop healthy, flexible behavior.

Here are some diet and lifestyle tips that can help prevent weight loss (16 Trusted Source, 17 Trusted Source, 18 Trusted Source,19 Trusted Source ):
Practice self-control behaviors such as losing weight and monitoring exercise. Tracking your calories and exercise increases your awareness of your actions and how those actions affect your weight loss goals.

Find an activity you enjoy. There are several types of exercise, including cycling, walking, swimming, climbing stairs, and playing outdoors with children. Prepare healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables that are available at home. When you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables instead of highly processed snacks like chips and soda,

the decision to eat healthy is yours.
Begin your sleep with priorities and reduce stress that you can control. Lack of sleep and too much stress in life can get in the way of your weight loss goals.

Learn how to build a healthy sleep pattern and ease your worries about the things you can’t control.

Fill the plate with whole foods. Choose whole grains and small processed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meats without blinking.

These products can keep you full and provide,

your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain weight loss and good health.

Developing and maintaining healthy eating and living habits is key to preventing weight gain.


Usually, when you first start losing weight, you will lose the most weight and experience the biggest physical changes.
In the second phase of weight loss, you lose weight more slowly,

but the weight loss is mostly due to fat and not accumulated carbohydrates, protein and water.
One of the most important factors in losing weight is a healthy,

stable diet and exercise that will give you long-term enjoyment.




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