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Beauty secrets from those who know best

Top beauty editors, make-up artists, beauty bloggers, etc. Reveal your favorite tips and hints.
So I put my eyes on the liner, because it’s easier to draw. Draw a straight line here. … then I use a liquid liner. It’s a kind of shade. As a result, the eyeliner is waste-free and well lined.

spray here

“When my skin glows, I stop at a local Starbucks and take some brown fabrics and put them in my pocket. It works better than used paper and I am guilty of stealing coffee bags for free. Paying $ 4 for condensed milk and reality gives you a matte face. ”

“For an angel’s hair.”

“I have very thick curls that are dry and fly away during extreme seasonal changes. Apply a conditioning mask on your hair and leave on overnight, then rinse off in the morning. The hair became very soft, which was immediately saved. ”
Soft and sexy eye makeup
“For a clear, not too heavy look, line the upper lash line with black eyeliner and the lower lash line with brown eyeliner. One of the best makeup tips for beautiful and soft eyes!
-Little Roncal, a famous makeup artist
“Run the curlers in warm water (or dry for 1 second) for long-lasting curls!”

Open your eyes

It makes your eyes stand out! Interesting fact: look at old black and white photos of beautiful women in their 30s and 40s, such as you and Marlene Dietrich. “Look if it was done for him. Also, when your eyes meet, draw a bright line with a white pencil where the upper and lower eyelids meet closest to the nose. Make it more noticeable. The key here is to create. This is really cool. ”
-Candis Sabatini, Editor-in-Chief,
Moisturizer helps keep skin hydrated and radiant, boosts your metabolism, maintains energy levels and a fresh look.”
-Debbie Strong, Senior Health Editor, Everyday Health
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“If you break your jaw and jaw frequently, wash your hands thoroughly and keep them near your computer. We often inadvertently touch our hands, and sitting in front of the screen, our jaw hurts, causing dust to accumulate. Bacteria on the hands to spread and stimulate infiltrates on the face. ”

my hair and sprinkled it a little. Spray the roots with dry shampoo. , I will update the hair dryer. “

Jeannine Morris, Editor-in-Chief,
Light cleansing in the morning will help your skin retain its protective functions.

-Alina Dizik, freelance beauty writer

your other hand. This way you don’t bend the lashes in the brush path. In the end, I will brush until each lash is covered. As a result, you will open your eyes in many ways. ”
-Wendy Tooth, Digital Works @NBCU Senior Lifestyle Editor
“Do not use powder after 35 years (except nasal smears). Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth will sag and your skin will age immediately. Use a colored moisturizer and/or anti-star dark circles like YSL Touché instead. A glow that reflects light. A body shop-like cloth is wiped with tea tree oil to absorb excess oil, reducing the amount of oil.”
-Ingrid Schmidt, Style and Beauty Editor Sometimes I pride myself on very expensive haircuts in very stylish New York salons.

What did you learn from this $400 treatment other than that it was no different from the $400 cut?

I have learned to regain strength. When it came time to do my hair, my stylist asked me what to do. – I don’t know, you are an expert. He taught me how to ask for disagreements and never give up the power of a chair. He warned me to be vigilant at every step, wield an expensive comb, and not be afraid to ask a knowledgeable stylist to say or show you what you want. “Remember that you are an expert when it comes to hair,” he said. And he gave me champagne. “-Janine Cascarilla, Beauty Editor, Bella Magazine
“Make your own tinted moisturizer and save money. Apply liquid foundation on your palms and a daily moisturizer on your palms. Mix the two and you’re done! I have my own tinted moisturizer! Nothing new. You need a product.
-Margaret McGriff, Yahoo! Blogger for the global beauty community

“Always apply sunscreen to your face, hands,

or exposed skin, regardless of the weather and climate you live in.”
-Betsy Aaron, Editorial Consultant and Staff Author at
If it’s soft like me and your baby has fine fibers, you’ll need a dry shampoo spray to give it volume. Women with extra hair love to use it to moisten the oil between blasts, but apply it directly to clean roots every day. (Klorane is my favorite brand, but the drugstore also has great options.) The fine powder adds texture and adds my favorite ‘squeeze’ for style stability, and most importantly, the power that lasts all day!

-Shape Beauty Director Ellen Miller

“I don’t have the time or inclination to heat-dry my hair in the summer, so I put it on a high bun. It is shiny, lasts for 30 seconds and reduces heat damage to your hair. ”
-Valery Danny, Senior Web Editor, Redbook
And before I go to sleep, I moisturize especially around the eyes so that it falls on my skin.”
-Melissa Chapman, blogger at

No matter what brand or lipstick you use, chapped, dry lips are not looking good.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun!

The doctor said. Summer Basi that the sun causes skin cancer in addition to photography. Avoid direct sunlight during peak hours (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and avoid tanning beds forever.

Use Retina A or Retinol regularly. “Creams made with vitamin A are known to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, but only help smooth out fine lines and not deep fine lines due to loss of volume. Retina A or Retinol should be used as part of a comprehensive skin care routine,” he says.


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