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After the usual evolutionary process of “Am I doing it right?” There can be a lot of trial and error from beauty newbies to hairstylist video blogs. Save time and effort asking makeup and skin care professionals to get the best persimmons for skin and beauty. Whether you want to improve your makeup game, prevent premature skin wrinkles, or just want JLo-esque to shine at home, here are 45 expert-approved secrets to make your beauty procedure easier and simpler. master puncher
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1 – Put some toner on your face and whip the cloth to absorb the oil and refresh the makeup, – says the makeup artist and owner of the New York salon, who named her Eva Skrivo. Finally, sprinkle the loose powder.
2- Try using a sandy pink tone on your eyelids and cheeks for a modern radiant complexion. A pale, matte mouth will make you famous at a rock club, not a nightclub. Combine pink eyelids with a natural and luminous face.
3. The best way to change up your makeup is to pick the features that get the most rating and play with a different color than what you usually wear. And neutrality? Choose a color. what color? Try Earth Tone.

4. Change the indentation of the face to highlight, not to shade. Insist a little below the front of the bone a light shade to lift it slightly, and spray a light blush on the cheekbones to enlarge the cheek.

5- To avoid wrinkling your shadows (if you don’t want to look wrinkled), wash off a lot of oil on the eyelids. Before applying the paint, use an eye shadow foundation or compact powder. Better shades are better.
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1- Excessive extraction can lead to irregular growth of hair, eyebrows and alopecia. Use a protein brow gel to promote healthy growth and an eyebrow filler to cover problem areas.

2- Full eyebrows are found on all the catwalks and are now in fashion. Keep rough, shiny eyebrows in place with a clear brow gel pad. Apply the illuminator directly under the brow bone to instantly enhance the effect!
3- The distance between the eyebrows should be the width of the eyes, starting where it coincides with the nostrils. Follow the complete brow guide here by Glam squad expert Kelly Bartlett.

Hide flaws like a pro

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1. The concealer is only half as effective at removing blemishes. To complement your skin tone (regardless of your skin tone), try a hot pink lipstick. As makeup artist Morgan Schick said, “it distracts you from blemishes and other blemishes.”
2- Have you tried to be beautiful when you didn’t? Don’t build a foundation. Instead, use a colored moisturizer and use a beige pencil to combat the redness around the eyes.

3- Enlarged pores are caused by two factors: heredity and age. do you want to reduce? Consult a dermatologist or spa to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating is a type of facial treatment that gently exfoliates dead skin cells.4. Choose a color to hide when covering stains. An orange concealer, for example, neutralizes blue circles under the eyes. Green scavengers hide the redness. The idea is that the concealer acts as an equalizer.

5. Nothing on your face wakes you up like the bright color of your cheeks if you didn’t sleep last night. Think of a yellowish white blush with a reddish or pinkish tint. Put the apple on the cheeks, grind it and mix it with the powder.

Prevent stains before you start

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1. Check the spots on the face. Watch the way you hold your phone when you sleep more on one side of your face while sitting by holding your head with one hand. Avoid these things.

2. Lighter on the base. Makeup used to cover up acne tends to clog pores and cause more blemishes. Try concealer with ingredients like salicylic acid.
3. Blast? Use a deep cleansing mask or chemical facial scrub once a week to remove impurities and dead skin cells that can clog pores. Make sure to use a mask that suits your skin type.

4. Don’t forget to moisturize! The best way to prevent excessive oil buildup is to use a good moisturizer to balance moisture and oil, says Erica Soap, researcher and founder of Fresh Faced Skincare.

Focus on the eyes

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1. To accentuate your upper lash line without creating a stimulating strip, apply lower lash false eyelashes strips from corner to corner. Because it is shorter than traditional imitation products, it thickens the lash line without making it too long.
2. Keep your eyes open with a liquid liner. Otherwise, the lines will be uneven. Apply it by drawing three lines, one in the corner of the eye, one in the middle, and one in the inner corner of the eye. Then go back and join the lines to create a smooth line.
3. Do you want to enlarge small eyes? Avoid dark eye shadows. Starting with the bare base, apply two or two shades darker than the base of the folds, and use your fingers to tint the brows.
4. If you use false eyelashes, apply a little glue to the edges because the eyelashes may fade. Blow the glue for a few seconds for better handling.

5. To mimic sports stars’ affiliation with their eyes on the red carpet, avoid shades of blue that make them look like dark circles under your eyes. Instead, opt for dark green hues and liners if you prefer black, grey, brown, or “colored” colors.

soft lips

1. If you want plumper lips, go for a glossy look. First, apply a cool concealer to your lips dipped in bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone. Then enlarge the top with gold, peach, or coral glitter.

2. When your lips appear larger, it helps to tighten your face. The best way to improve your mouth is to apply lip gloss to the middle of your lower lip (over lipstick or lip gloss).


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