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Beauty has changed a lot since I started working in this field in 2007. 2007 was the debut of this iPhone. Selfish were just a matter of simplicity. Britney Spears stole his head while looking at the screen of her first smartphone. During our decade of interviewing products, testing tools, countless makeup artists, hairdressers, hairdressers, nail masters, dermatologists and beauty experts, we have seen many constant beauty trends. But I also received a lot of tips and hints from experts who have stood the test of time and changed the way hair and skin care is forever. I could seriously go on like this forever, but these are undoubtedly the 19 best beauty wisdoms I’ve learned in the business world.

Store eye cream and nail polish in the refrigerator.

The reason why some eye creams are sold as metal tubes is that the metal cools the skin and theoretically narrows the blood vessels, drying out the painful area. However, the same effect can be achieved simply by storing the old eye cream in the refrigerator. For the summer, I use I Can’t Live Eye Balm with Coconuts Ultra Hydrating Overnight Eye Balm ($ 16; ulta.com), but it works with all formulas. The refrigerator is also a great place to store nail polish, as it prevents it from thickening over time.

Always use thin and thick care products.

When you think of your skin as a sponge, you want to get all the good things you put on your face and body. Therefore, it is important to place the diaper correctly. Start with a thinner, moisturizing product in your skin treatment, and then finish with a stronger cream or oil. The oil helps to seal already used products. So if you start with oil and then sprinkle a light hyaluronic acid serum on it, you won’t see the amazing benefits of HA.

You can iron all your hair in less than 2 minutes.

This is one trick that has saved me the most time over the years. I cut my hair into 1-inch sections and combed them with a curling iron, which took 30 minutes, but this hack, which I learned on Interest, reduced my styling time to 2 minutes. After drying or drying the hair, put a high ponytail on the hair and divide it into 4 equal parts. Turn the sticks on top of each other, apply a texturing spray and shake when the hair has cooled, as after a morning trip. I love handy curling irons like the Eva NYC 25mm Tourmaline Curling Wand (US $ 60, target.com).

Do not underestimate the power of bold lipstick.

I can not tell you how many makeup artists have said that lipstick will be their choice of makeup for the “desert island”. I loved mascara before I started my career. I do not know.

Apply something extra extravagant (I’m warm purple or coral in summer, classic red in winter) to apples on the cheeks and lids for a solid look that can be restored in 2 seconds. I do this regularly with the lipsticks I have. .

Do not touch your face unless you have to. The dexterity of your hand.

And hand hygiene is not taken into account. As someone strangely afraid of others touching my face, I can take this advice seriously. But your hands are really dirty. Every time you press your chin into your mind and place your hand on your cheek, you are leaving germs out, creating a potential minefield.

The spray installation is really life.

Makeup bases are a natural way to prepare the skin for long-term makeup and help improve skin care techniques. But it is even better to install a sprayer. After the makeup was done, few of the sprites held everything in place. Try products with additional benefits, like the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Spray ($ 31 sephora.com) to refresh and moisturize your skin, or the Cover Brightening Spray ($ 31 Sephora. com) to give you a dull face. . Slight shine.

Don’t double or triple your hair like me.

I’ve made billions of mistakes in my head for nearly 33 years. I love to swim so I was born with a glowing blonde who turns green every summer. When I was a teenager it was darker and curly, the latter was extremely gross in the 90s when everyone had straight hair and my hair had an artificial gem. Even the toughest stylists still struggle to tame them. So I started setting highlights at a young age (15, uh, I’ll tell you). When I was 17, I went through Japanese proofreading. And me too.

Do you know what happened? Almost no hair was damaged. I had pieces of different lengths and textures. But I never learned my lessons, and I probably never will. Because now I put my dark blonde hair in a really nice shade and get a keratin treatment. But because I can’t fix it. Take good care of your hair. Be nice to it.

Apply a gel-like coating to each nail polish.

My nail polish looks weird to me because I have a gel-like coating all over it. Even with regular nail polish, use one of the coatings that create a gel-like effect with no UV rays, like Essie Gel-Setter Topcoat ($ 10, target.com). It gives your normal nail polish a robust, transparent lacquer finish and a refresh every other day makes your manicure last twice as long.

The best way to protect oily skin is with a facial image.

Oily skin cannot be repaired, it needs to be cared for. And instead of completely removing oily skin or using ultra-light lotions, the best way to keep oily skin hydrated is to use a face oil. The most important thing is to find an oil that is right for your skin type or problem skin. Grape seed oil, for example, is light and high in antioxidants, making it ideal for pre-sunscreen moisturizers. Other oils like tea tree oil can fight sebum, bacteria, and inflammation. Some oils have anti-acne properties like Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultralight Face Oil ($ 80, sephora.com) has taken a permanent place in my first aid kit.


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