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I’m healthy. I feel good. Why doesn’t my body have to type only certain numbers on the scale?

Last fall, I took off my favorite jeans, which I hadn’t worn in months. My trendy wardrobe consists of full-length yoga pants and other understated nightgowns.

When I pulled the leggings over my thighs, I found that the jeans hugged my body a little tighter than I remember. When I tried to shove it into my thighs and waist, I realized that these pants are not suitable for any suction.

Like many others, I gained weight in my 40s, when I no longer felt the need to wear skinny pants. I also visited the house to have a snack and deliver food.

food cycle

I have invested a lot in the past. From the “French 15” in college to the “happy weight” I gained after meeting my husband and the weight I wore during pregnancy, my body rode the roller coaster from gaining and losing weight.

Then I reduced my calorie intake. By increasing the amount of exercise, you can live on a fixed diet and half portions.

It is usually effective for weight loss – although it will get every bite that gets into your mouth.

You want to reduce the size of your pants, but you will stay fat and continue your diet.

Cycling is really dangerous,

says nutritionist and certified author Christy Harrison, who says it’s a risk factor in everything that is to blame for weight: heart disease, some cancers and death. I’m not saying it’s related to anxiety, sadness or overeating. Everything we want to help people avoid.

When my first instinct was to go back to my old diet to lose those extra pounds, I realized one thing. I wanted to gain weight, but I was healthier than ever.

Staying at home means I cook more food. Instead of using a stationary diet dish filled with preservatives and sodium for lunch and in the office, I spent time and interest doing something better.

The 40s gave me the freedom to do some gentle exercises on a regular basis, whether it was walking around the neighborhood or doing yoga in the living room with the kids.

I gained weight, but ate better and moved more than when I was thin. I feel so good that the annual blood count in my body reflects this feeling of health.

Weight management settings have changed.

Take a quiz and find strategies and tips to help you achieve your goals.

healthy and unhealthy areas

Why did you feel the urge to lose weight? We know that the desire to lose weight has more to do with skinny pants than with an unreal figure.

Harrison says there is severe stigma in society, and nothing can be avoided by breaking your fingers. Breaking away from the culture of eating and this faith will help stop the weight stigma and calm your thoughts when you speak.

I grew up at home with my mother who was unhappy with her weight and was still on a diet. With the constant press and public reports that the acceptable height is skinny, I got an ugly look at my body shape soon enough.

But the pandemic experience forced me to rethink many things in my life, including my health.

If I am healthy and in good shape, why should I step away from my body to get certain readings?

Rubicon project work

External diet program

The following tips helped me eliminate foods from my diet.

Focus on intuitive nutrition

It includes daily exercises with little kicks like walking

Unsuitable blades

Look for the internal interactions

Limited settings

be kind to yourself

The first step, Harrison says, is awareness, and you start noticing that you’re exercising according to the rules of your diet.

Many people diet too many times in their lives and may mistakenly follow the diet. But without knowing it, they still follow the rules of this diet. Avoid carbs, count calories, or try to eat at a certain time during the night.

Eating is obvious

Distorting the brain from long-term diet is an ongoing process. I freely started to follow easy to understand nutritional principles. Eat when you’re hungry and don’t limit your diet based on calories, type of food, or weather.

This diet is not a rule, but a gentle way to meet your body’s needs.

Movement is part of life

You exercise regularly with little impact, like walking, but you won’t hit your body even if you miss a few days of exercise.

Incorporating exercise into my life in this way feels natural and allows me to be more consistent.

Shake in social networks

I also changed the way I used social media by restricting or disabling my account, which wasn’t healthy for my body or my eating and exercise habits.

Do not ignore or ignore those who include diet foods in their diet. And beware of opponents of the system: authors and authorities like Jess Baker or Reagan Chastain and those who show you how to live big.

relationship analysis

Addressing culture violations also made me rethink my relationships with friends and family. I look for interactions with people on the same page with foods that are easy to understand or just want to hear my point.

Limited settings

I shorten the time I spend with people obsessed with losing weight and tell the people I spend time with that I’m not interested in talking about weight loss.

“It’s important to tell the people in your life what you’re doing and to set boundaries if necessary,” Harrison said.

Lots of people go on a conversation diet, so it helps a lot to stick with your “me” and focus on your own experiences while having these conversations and setting those boundaries. ”

We practice empathy

The most important and sometimes the hardest thing I did in the process was making a conscious decision to be kind to myself.

Are there days when you take a step back and worry about consuming calories or exercising? Naturally. But I try to remind myself that these little failures will happen and I will not allow them to spoil my progress.

Harrison says approaching with empathy is the best way to solve a problem and feel comfortable with the process.


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