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White kitchen cabinet with gray shelves and wooden shelves

Christopher Lee Christmas tree / photo

If you are planning a kitchen renovation this year or are planning to renovate some DIY kitchens to renovate the space, you are wondering what the trends are and what is growing. Today’s kitchen designs are moving away from standard white or neutral spaces, making homeowners bolder and brighter in color.

Until the layout and finish, this year will be a turning point in kitchen design. Here is a summary of the biggest trends that designers can bring to the kitchen style in 2021. If you’re looking for inspiration for this amazing kitchen project, read on.

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Darken the kitchen

Kitchen with black wardrobe


For 10 years everything was white and light food. The homeowners took it out of natural wood and dark granite cabinets and painted everything white. Designer Ann Sage says this year the white kitchen will finally take over.

A few years after the standard sparkling white kitchen, the cabinets and tables became darker,” he says. I see a lot of beautiful black marble, peanuts and midnight greens.

Quick tips

Do you want to look like this without making a complete conversion? Sage recommends painting a closet. Darkness is much easier than light, so you don’t have to call an expert.

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Add the Dutch door

Blue kitchen with Dutch door

The interior will be brown

Many homeowners are looking for ways to make them more functional by choosing to dress and stay in their current home. Will Brown of Will Brown Interiors plans to return out of the Netherlands.

“I recently helped a customer fix the kitchen in a sad and old situation, everything was deformed, functional but maintained,” he says. “The most important thing was to keep the charm of the Dutch Green Gate again.”

Instead of trying to heal, they have a terrible crisis and are experiencing more failures.

03 03

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Organize background

Blue kitchen in the background

The interior will be brown

Brown expects a change in background style this year as well. Rotate behind the planet when you are tired to see the subway tiles horizontally and look more vertically. We see all the panels go through the back walls for a smoother, more contemporary look. The same conditions apply to tiles.


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Open the shelf experiment

Open shelves

 Design: Sarah Fultz Photography: Matt Gresham

Open shelves aren’t incredible new concepts, but this year designer Sarah Fultz says she hopes to be more popular.

Last year the landlord made a big move to clean up and dispose of it,he said. People were afraid of losing their storage space, but it looked like the shelves were open, but now we can see how the elements in this design combine beauty and function. I’m watching.

Open shelves are a great way to store kitchen items together.

05 05


equipment change

kitchen with black cupboards

Design: Sarah Fultz Photo: Matt Gresham

If you decide to make a bold and attractive kitchen this year, go to the next level and change your appliances. Fultz predicts that owners will adopt unique and flashy technologies such as black buttons mixed with the new ones.

Top 6 Kitchen Lights for 2021

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keep it natural

Kitchen with green cupboards and natural wood

Designer: Ashley Montgomery Design Photography: Lauren Miller

According to Will Brown, the second major trend for castration this year is the extraction of natural wood. The apartment owner hit the brown wooden wardrobe, but he found many of them returning to the base and looking natural.

If you’re not ready to work on a brown or wood stove, consider a natural wood island or focus on the closet below to create two tones.

07 07


add art to your kitchen

thick kitchen wallpaper

 Toca Bass Cassava Lifestyle

If you’re not thinking of adding art to your kitchen, give it a try this year. Perhaps more framed photos and artwork will appear in the kitchen. It’s a fun way to add personality to your kitchen and easily change your makeup without changing equipment.

If you are displaying a table, support the artwork and lean it against a wall to create a more comfortable and spacious atmosphere.

08 08


Consider a simplified cabinet

Green kitchen with solid wardrobe

 naked kitchen

We love our beautiful cocktail wardrobe. Many owners have acquired a sophisticated and modern look. Obviously, many kitchens have straight lines with some decor. try 2018

Deodora Sullivan’s screen works.


Hero Shot Decoration Trend 2018

idea IKEA

We love presenting the latest big trends, so it’s easy to buy a dynamic option (RIP Chevron Print) that will break your heart for years to come. What if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a wall painted on nearby clouds and the worst avocado dish? To secure your future décor, check out our top picks on Blur to pick the best interior design trends to try in 2018.

01 01


interior color interior color

World of Color 2018

inner plate

Yes, white walls are timeless, but fueling a white interior can be cool.

One of the hottest colors for interior painting this year is black flame. A nice combination of dark blue and black defines the landscape as white walls.

This is a good example of an area you can’t help but get used to in-place editing. It is better to use the color in a sunny place so that the room does not overflow.

He becomes 32-2.


02 02


2 kitchen cabinets

variety of dishes

 Broken London

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are gaining in popularity, but the trend is growing with the addition of brightly colored bleached wood, as is the case with modern farm kitchens at Breaks London.

Theme: 49 beautiful modern kitchen

Continue with 32 of 3 below.

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geometric interior


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